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 Shirley Salo








Tari Rangel


As a small child, Tari watched her Grandma Helga crochet beautiful afghans, creating one for each of her grandchildren.

When Tari was 12, Grandma Helga taught her to crochet. As Tari grew so did her talent, being able to create item with a pattern like her grandma did, and earning the fraise from Grandma Helga for her speed.

In 2007, Tari and husband Dan who is retired and the family dog, Cutty, moved to Bruce Crossing to be with her mother and extended family.

2015 Tari joined the UP Made Artist Market. Her crochet slippers are a big hit along with baby bibs and jackets.

In 2011, her stained glass window afghan, won a blue ribbon at the Ontonagon County Fair.




Geraldine Nielsen


Imagine two small girls, ages four and six, operating an old fashioned treadle sewing machine.  One sews while the other pushes the treadle.  As soon as one finishes her doll dress, they trade places.  Present where Gerri the four-year old who, although battling polio and other health issues as a child, continues her love of sewing and has added knitting, crocheting, and tatting to her creative handiwork.

As a bride to be, Gerri created her own wedding dress as well as making the dresses for her bridesmaids. Along with marriage came a son for Gerri to sew for as well as making clothes for the neighborhood children.

She has a rack of dresses for American Girl Doll and Cabbage Dolls

She is know for her Kitchen Scrubbies in 2014 she sold over 1500

She joined the UP Made Artist Market in 2015