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The Covington School as it appears today.  The school is home to the UP Made
Artist Market, the Township Library, and the Covington Township Fitness Center.




The Covington School as it appeared the first year it was used in 1938.
 (From the Covington Township School Reunion booklet)


The history of the Covington School:
From the book "Covington Centennial 1893-1993":

"Looking at the situation today, it seems hardly probable that at one time nine schools were filled with students. They are listed here and numbered as the school board referred to them. The Covington and Watton buildings were replaced several times due to increasing enrollments as the years passed. These are actual buildings constructed for school use; prior to them, classes were held in rented quarters."

No 2 Covington School ~ The first school built was No. 1 - the Swedish School in 1897. The first No. 2 school was first located in the town of Covington, but a larger school was needed and the present location was obtained and a new No. 2 school was built in 1914. It offered some high school classes. In 1934 it burned to the ground.

The third No. 2 school (The Covington School building as we see today) was erected in 1938, at a cost of 18,358.18. It is a 2 schoolroom building which also housed a small library/office, kitchen and gymnasium.

Other schools in the community in the history of the township are the Watton School, Opal School, Leo School, Nestoria School, Perch School, Section 16 School, and Robinson School.

In 1960 the Sidnaw school district joined the Covington Township School District. The Watton School was closed shortly after and the district was then composed of two schools - Covington for K-3 and Sidnaw for 4-8 grades. 9-12 grades were transported to L'Anse by bus, as they had been since 1942. In 1988, both schools were closed when the district was consolidated with the L'Anse Area Schools. Covington was utilized as a community Learning Center/Library and Head Start for several years.